Welcome to the Bracken Press PRINT-workshop website

Intaglio (etching, drypoint, aquatint)

& block printing & wood engraving  

(lino-prints, surface printing) & letterpress

Established 1974.


The etching & letterpress workshop

Rochat etching press (26 x 48 Bed)

Acid baths & water trough,

Heater boxes (2)

Aquatint box,

Plate cutter,


All ancillary tools associated with etching.

Hand made- Papers

A selection of handmade and mould made paper for printmaking.

The newly created lino/ wood engraving & letterpress workshop.

Albion platen press 1889

Harrild & Sons 1869 Table top platen press

Columbian platen press 1845

28 x 14 feet in size,

3 platen press, 2 nipping presses

Various gelatine rollers(1 inch - 10 inch

Spindle rollers (3)

Comprehensive stock of oil based & water based inks

Rolls of traditional lino

Easy cut lino


English boxwood engraving blocks.

Drying rack

Lino cutting tools

Wood engraving tools

The drawing workshop/ studio

Rochat etching press