Welcome to the Bracken Press PRINT-workshop website

Individual courses for print-makers,

in intaglio (etching, drypoint, aquatint)

& block printing & wood engraving

(lino-prints, surface printing) & letterpress

Established 1974.


We offer an exciting program of workshops dealing with specialist aspects of various print processes including, etching, mezzotint, dry point, lino-printng, bookmaking and letterpress. These workshops are aimed at a wide audience, are suitable for both beginners and more experienced printmakers alike, and cover a wide range of methods and processes. The etching workshop is situated at the bottom of the garden and measures 11 metres by 5.5 metres in size, whilst the lino and surface printing workshop is in the newly created space where three antique printing presses from the 19th century are housed.


All open days have been cancelled until further notice