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Intaglio (etching, drypoint, aquatint)

& block printing & wood engraving  

(lino-prints, surface printing) & letterpress

Established 1974.



Some of the comments received after completion of a course at Bracken Press print-workshop.

Thanks again for a great and stimulating weekend, I'm still trying to absorb it all, just looked at my handouts to remind myself of the processes. Ms.S.

Really enjoyed this weekend and still getting the inks from under the nails ....

Your patience and expertese is mind-blowing and so encouraging and interesting Mr.G.

Very happy with the course, extremely good practical working environment. Mrs.P.

Informative, interesting, detailed explanation in an easy to follow manner. Lots of paper information. H.B.

Two days very well spent, will enjoying visiting exhibitions in the future.P.G.

Having now spent two days trying my hand at etching and aquatint I can now more fully appreciate theamount of work that goes into making a print.  Going home with a beautiful edition of 10 prints. Thank you. P.H.

Wondeful course I have learnt so much of this old printing technique. Off to the framers to have my effort framed. Mr.V.

Well structured and informative course, I'll be back to have a go at lino printing next. H.S

Fantastic printing presses, wonderful workshop, I have learnt so much over the two days my appreciation of the etching process has been enhanced tenfold. Ms.H.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as I encountered some difficulties, I now feel more confident in tackling bigger and more complex images. I will sign up for the odd day of printing when I can arrange the time. A.S.

Your understanding and teaching method of the printing process was exemplarary, I have thourily enjoyed the experience. P.H.

      You should patent your damp box, what a easy way to keep the paper at the correct dampness. I now understand the complexities involved in etching & aquatint and shall look out for examples of printimaking in exhibitions I visit. K.S.

    Thank you Michael for the fascinating and informative course, your encouragement, your patience and clear instructions. throughout the two days. I wish it had been longer. P.L.

      When is the next course date please? I have learnt so much in a short space of time, expect to see me on a lino printing course next. Thanks.

Mrs .H.

      Extremely good practical working environment.     B.S.

     Informative,interesting,detailed explanation in an easy to follow manner. Lots of paper information.   H.B.

     Two days very well spent.   P.l.

     It has been very interesting and informative. E.S.


     Great to finally realise my dream to create an etching, your intensive two day course was great, learnt so much. Thanks. Alan

    Wonderful workshop, great instruction, loved it. I'll be coming back.

Mrs. T.

     Now that I have tried my hand at etching I can fully appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating them. Thank you for your considerate and helpful instruction. I found the editioning rather hard work, but enjoyable.

Mr. D.

    After attending your two day course and learning the process I can now visit exhibitions with a greater understanding of the 'art of the etcher'. Thank you for your patience and attention I will be recommending your courses to my friends.

Mr. P.

     After completing your two day course I've arrived home with a port folio of 10 etchings, my wife was impressed. Number 1 is going straight to the framers. Next year I think I'll do  lino printing. Great workshop.

Mr. G.

     I didn't fully appreciate how you created your prints, after the course I have a greater understanding, thanks for all your help and understanding. 

Mrs. R.

     Two very intensive creative wonderful days, enjoyed every minute, great workshop and wonderful instruction. Mr.K

      Just to say how much I enjoyed the printing workshop and hopefully Ill be able to do some more printing again soon, K.H.

     I found the printing the most difficult, but very enjoyable, slept like a log after the second day, tired but content. Hope to return sometime for further instruction. Mrs.G

    Exhausted, but in a most pleasant way, learned so much, I will return to have a go at etching next. Thank you. Mr T

Thank you for a very happy & instructive 2 days. I learned such a lot.

I cannot believe I've made 'Mr Hen' & the beetle.  L.W.