Welcome to the Bracken Press PRINT-workshop website

Intaglio (etching, drypoint, aquatint)

& block printing & wood engraving  

(lino-prints, surface printing) & letterpress

Established 1974.


Editioning of:-

Etchings  -  Lino Prints   -  Wood Engravings

Bracken Press offers plate making and editioning service in

Etching & Aquatint

(Max plate size to fit bed of 26 x 48 inches).

Wood Engraving

(Max size up to 15 x 25 inches)

Lino -printing

( Max size to 23 x 31 inches)

Having worked with many artists to realise their print ambition and completed their commisssion to print within the time scale and budget.

Prints are individually assessed, each process  be it etching or wood engraving requires careful consideration, which is why we recommend a period of proofing, prior to commencing the edition.  

As is also the type of paper required, weight and finish. (Smooth, rough, Not Surface)  


After a period of proofing a particular print, the artist will be asked to  approve one satisfactory proof.

The artist will then sign and mark a  'Bon a tirez' (good to print) copy which remains the property of the Bracken Press Archive.

The Edition

The number of prints in the edition is specified by the artist prior to commenincing printing. Once this number is decided, the required quantity of paper /weight /finish  will be ordered to complete the whole edition.


If an idividual artists requires a particular paper we have dealt with both

John Purcell fine papers and R.K.Burt. and can order in the required number of sheets.

Mill packs ( 25) Quire (100)  full reams (500)


Artists prints which require colour combinations are advised to mix sufficient quantity of their chosen colour prior to printing the edition.

Intaglio Printmakers & Hawthorn Printmakers have ecxcellant delivery track record and particular colours can be ordered within 24 hours.

Contact:- mail@brackenpress.com